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The MyHealth1st difference

With MyHealth1st, your practice can function more efficiently in today’s digital age, allowing you to focus on what’s important, and attract more patients to you. Thousands of optometrists across New Zealand and Australia have already discovered the MyHealth1st difference.

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Our products

MyHealth1st makes caring for your patients more efficient by reducing your vacant appointment slots and so much more. It's the online platform to connect, engage and manage the entire patient journey.

Enable 24/7 real-time appointment booking

Reduce call load for

Maximise your availability

Reduce no-shows

Higher recall conversions at a lower cost

Direct your patients to
book online instantly

Up to date patient contact details

Receive instant results reporting

Survey your patients when their experience is fresh in mind

Deliver decision-making insights for your store

Improve customer experience

Build store loyalty

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The No.1 online bookings platform for independent optometrists

MyHealth1st’s OnlineAppointments is an online healthcare search and appointment booking platform that is already used by over 60% of independent optometry practices across Australia. Convenient and easy to use, OnlineAppointments enables new customers to connect with you, and helps strengthen the relationship you have with your existing customers.

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Over 30% of bookings are placed out of practice

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45% of patients are new patients

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Leading practices receiving over 30 appointments a month

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Smarter, more convenient recalls for you and your patients

Leveraging MyHealth1st’s smart digital recall platform and exploiting SMS in a unique way, EasyRecall saves you time and money, and helps increase your conversion rates. EasyRecall is automated and digital, and gives your customers an easier way to choose their appointment times and update their contact details.

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Stay up to date with patient contact details

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Direct your patient to book online instantly

Save over $700 per month on recalls

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Learn more about your patients while increasing post-consultation sales

EasyFeedback gives you the tools to engage with your patients after the consultation. You can send promotions, customised surveys and even gift vouchers, enabling you to measure awareness, tailor your business to their needs and increase sales.

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Real time feedback from all patients

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Automate your surveys with full Sunix & Optomate Integration

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Create & customise surveys to suit your needs

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Encourage return visits and send customisable vouchers

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About MyHealth1st

Since 2012, MyHealth1st has been revolutionising healthcare across New Zealand and Australia. We are committed to improving connectivity and continuity of care between practice and patient.

Our digital solutions help practices increase bookings, improve retention, and enhance efficiency and profitability. More importantly though, MyHealth1st gives practices the power to better connect with their patients at every stage of the healthcare journey.

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Transform your practice with MyHealth1st